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Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener W/O Side Grinder - CBN

Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener W/O Side Grinder - CBN

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Like the other versions, these went quickly. You can pre-order to reserve yours from the incoming parts order. The estimated parts arrival is during the month of February. As soon as I get the parts in, I'll start assembling and sending them.

You can now make new factory quality teeth on oscillating multi tool saw blades! All with our new patent pending Criss-Cross sharpener. Everybody knows that there's typically plenty of material left on a oscillating tool blade even though the teeth have dulled (or missing teeth). You can now create a new row of properly formed teeth in just seconds. Plus, once you've created those new teeth, you can just do a quick resharpen to get a totally new edge on those teeth. This means your blade could last 10, 20, 30 or more resharpens...image how much money just 10 or even 20 new blades used to cost you. This is a huge savings for construction contractors and even the avid home improvement guy.

Quick video of our Patent Pending sharpener. This video shows the Dual Grinder version that has a side grinder. This listing is for the original model that does steel and bi-metal oscillating blades and does not have the side grinder.

Full 30 Day Guarantee...

Zero Worry Purchase Policy - We want you to be comfortable with your can relax because you get a full 30 day money back guarantee. If it doesn't live up to everything we've problem. Send it back and we'll refund your original purchase price!


What's Included With Your Base Contractor Grade Sharpener:

  • CBN Main Long Grinder - For quickly sharpening steel and bi-metal oscillating multi-tool blades using Criss-Cross sharpening.
  • This model is a dedicated oscillating multi-tool blade sharpener for steel and bi-metal blades. It does not have a side grinder.
  • Your Choice of Battery Adapter (Battery shown is not included)

What types of blades can be sharpened:

Oscillating Saw Blades - This Model Is For Steel & Bi-Metal

  • Shapes and sharpens new blade teeth using a criss-cross pattern for maximum sharpness as seen in the video. (You'll notice that I do one pass which creates the edge for one side of the teeth, then a second pass that creates the other edge of the teeth...criss-cross like sharpening a knife)
  • Straight or Curved Type - You can also create curved type blades from straight blades.
  • Wide Saw Blades - Up to 3.5" using the main long grinding wheel.
  • Custom Blade Teeth Count - You can easily create many teeth per inch or quickly grind larger-taller teeth for more aggressive fewer teeth per inch.

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Customer Reviews

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Shane Smith

Machine itself works good but switch has failed already it’s constantly on
Better than stuck in off positions I suppose
Other than that all good
I may upgrade to newer version when they become more readily available