About Us

This whole business started out of frustration with expensive blades that didn't last long. Sometimes, it felt like my blades were lasting less than a minute before I had to toss them. That lead to my idea.

I would like to tell you that I had a flash of brilliance and immediately had a working product. Unfortunately, that's just not how things work (well, not for me anyway). The invention took shape over time (and with a few mistakes). Eventually, I ended up with the staggered point grinding wheel. It sharpens oscillating saw blades in a criss-cross way like sharpening your knife. Later, I added a Single Point Grinding Wheel for sharpening reciprocating blades, circular saw blades and drill bits. The goal was to make a pro grade product...and keep as much of the manufacturing as possible made here in the USA.

The 3D printed casing manufacturing and all assembly is done right here in Michigan, USA. Some parts I definitely had to get from international sources. The grinding wheels are internationally sourced at the moment, but in order to make these here, I'm building the CNC lathe and abrasive electroplating setup over the next several months. The casings will be 3D printed until we purchase our own plastic injection molding machine. Yes, I know that having the injection molding done overseas is cheaper, but I want to keep everything here state side, keep the work here, avoid crazy supply delays and avoid getting junk parts. As the business grows, I'll keep you updated through our blog and in videos.

Once our video series on the invention process is complete, I'll put it here on our website and on our youtube channel.