Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener & Reciprocating Saw Blade Sharpener ...and More!

"For as much as these blades cost, they really should last a lot longer" - Quote by Well...Pretty much everybody that uses blades.

Have you ever thought that oscillating and reciprocating saw blades (sawzall) should last longer for the price? I thought the same thing. That's exactly why I invented the Tigers Teeth Blade Saw Sharpener. Everyone in the construction trades seems to know that if you want high quality blades, then the big tool companies pretty much have you locked into their high price saw blades. Everyone also knows that those same saw blades often have more material left to use if they could only be sharpened. Any previous sharpening solutions for those blades were just a row of spaced fiber cutoff wheels that kind-of sort-of made new teeth or manually filed new teeth.

Enter the new professional grade cordless power tool...the Tigers Teeth Saw Blade Sharpener. It's super fast and easily makes entire rows of properly shaped new teeth on your oscillating saw blades....but, it does it in a unique way. This unique patent pending design shapes and sharpens blade teeth in a criss-cross way.

It's much like how you would sharpen a knife using a stone. You sharpen one edge of your knife, then flip the knife over to sharpen the other edge. By sharpening one edge at a time, it forms razor sharp V shape that is the sharp cutting edge of your knife. Our grinder froms one edge of a row of teeth first, then it forms the opposite edge of that row of teeth. This forms an incredibly sharp edge and points on the teeth...just like sharpening your knife one edge at a time. It's a criss-cross way of creating blade teeth.

What All Can You Do With The Tigers Teeth Saw Blade Sharpener...a Ton of Things Actually... and Save a Ton of Your Hard Earned Money

With the dual grinder version, you can sharpen:

oscillating multi-tool & reciprocating saw blade sharpener
  • Oscillating saw blades
  • Reciprocating saw blades
  • Carbide & steel hole saws
  • Circular saw blades
  • Drill Bits
  • Repair threads
  • All of the above in steel or carbide

The grinder will work on steel, bimetal, and carbide...it's the only sharpener on the market that can sharpen those expensive carbide teeth by using the single point side grinder. Also, it's an actual power tool, not just something you mount in your drill in an attempt to sharpen a blade.

You can use your Tigers Teeth grinder with straight teeth, curved teeth and hooked teeth using the side grinding wheel. You can now also create custom oscillating saw blade shapes with your new grinder. In fact, you can even decide how many teeth per inch you want on your blade. Do you want to change your straight oscillating saw blade into one with a slight curve for easy plunge work?...no problem just use the grinder to shape the curve and easily grind the new teeth on it. Do you use wide oscillating saw blades? You can quickly sharpen long rows of teeth after removing the side grinding wheel. Plus, you can do even more...

When I started designing the Saw Blade Grinder, I had just planned on sharpening steel oscillating blades. In just seconds, it sharpened a complete row of teeth. It worked much better and faster than any other solution I've found on the market. Then it dawned on me...add a single point side grinder with changeable grinding wheels. Diamond grinding wheels for carbide and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) wheels for bimetal and steel. This lead me to design a V-shaped grinding wheel in both diamond and CBN and a very thin straight/flat diamond grinding wheel. Why?

  • The Thin Straight Single Point Diamond Grinding Wheel can quickly sharpen your carbide tipped reciprocating saw blades and carbide tipped circular saw blades. This thin wheel can fit into those very tight saw blade teeth spaces.
  • The single point 60 degree V shaped Diamond Grinding Wheel can sharpen your carbide oscillating saw blades and carbide tipped drill bits.
  • The single point 60 degree V shaped CBN Grinding Wheel can sharpen your steel and bimetal saw blades for custom needs, and it used as a general purpose mini-grinder, or even sharpen high speed steel and cobalt drill bits. It can also be used to repair crushed threads!
  • Single point grinding is especially valuable when you're wearing out just one small area of your blade. When that one area gets dull, you can quickly and easily sharpen just those teeth and get back to work.
oscillating reciprocating blade sharpener

By adding that single point grinder with changeable mini-grinding wheels, it suddenly becomes even more valuable for professionals.

Frankly, a guy can recoup the entire cost of the Tigers Teeth grinder by just avoiding having to stop work just to go buy some new blades. Instead, just reuse the old blades a dozen times or more...and then, it's all profit for you.



How Is It Powered?

I'm glad you asked! The Tigers Teeth Saw Blade Sharpener is powered by the cordless power tool battery that you probably already own...DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Metabo, Rigid, Kobalt and more. Power adapters are available for many different brands and more are being added. Your new grinder will work with 12v to 24v batteries. This means you can keep it with you on the jobsite or even have one in every truck if you have crews.

How Does It Work?

This is the interesting part. It uses a criss-cross method of sharpening. It's just like when you sharpen a knife blade. The design has a staggered row of V shaped grinding points. The grinder sharpens one side of a row of teeth when you plunge your blade into the grinding wheel. You then simply pull the blade back out, move it over, and do another plunge into the grinder for shaping the other side of the teeth. This gives you the maximum sharpness....and here's another cool part.

oscillating saw blade sharpener

By having a row of staggered V shaped grinding points, you can make shallow grinds to shape many smaller teeth, or do deep plunge grinds for larger, more aggressive teeth with fewer teeth per inch. In other words, you can customize how many teeth per inch you want on your blade.


In fact, you can make completely custom blades for your application.

How Big Is It?

It's compact at about 5" Wide by 5" Deep and 2.5" tall. The battery adapters are the same size as the top of your battery and about an 1" thick.

 Some side points:

  • Oscillating Blades take about 30 seconds to make new teeth and maybe 15 seconds to re-sharpen those new teeth. The Single Point Grinder will probably take you around 60 seconds to touch-up a row of carbide teeth on an Oscillating Blade. Reciprocating blades and drill bits can be pretty quick too. For reciprocating blades, it depends upon how many of those teeth you need to actually sharpen. Often times, it's only a handful of teeth that get most of the wear.
    Basically, at $100 for several blades and another $15 for every additional blade; over a years time, those expenses really add up because blades just don't last long. Instead, keep that money in your pocket. After all, it's often easier to save a dollar than the work of making a dollar.