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Tigers Teeth Blades

CBN 60 Degree Grinding Wheel For Steel

CBN 60 Degree Grinding Wheel For Steel

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These are sold out, more are on the way. You may want to order now to reserve yours for when the new inventory arrives. Estimated arrival to us is April and they may be sold out before we even get them in.

This is great for removing worn original steel teeth before adding new teeth with the Tigers Teeth sharpener...highly recommended. Plus, you can sharpen individual teeth or make large custom teeth.

Please look through the product images to see what this grinding wheel can be used for.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hector Gaoat

Work good

Frank Biondo
Easy repair, great part, worked well! Just started using it, but everything works very well!

If used for your business or just your own personal use, it'll save you money in the long run.

Martin Duffield
Blade sharpener

So far, I, for some reason kept old blades knowing eventually I would find a way to sharpen them. I sharpened a few wood cutting blades which cut really well. I had a Milwaukee carbide blade, teeth completely worn off, I very gently sharpened it to keep the teeth really small, to my surprise it cut through 1" conduit. There is a learning curve that you start to understand the more you use the cutter. The Makita battery fit in thee adapter just fine, this is nor always the case with after market tools. I put "so far" at the beginning of this as there obviously it is to soon to see how it wears, motor life etc. A bit on the expensive side but I am sure prices will come down the more Tigers Teeth sell of this sharpener. Having said that if I sharpen all the blades I have kept over the years and value them at 75% of new price, my price point has dropped dramatically. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is it is too early to asses wear and tear.